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Veranda Classics



Veranda Classics is the outdoor furniture specialty retail brand of Foremost Groups, Inc.

Veranda Classics offers high quality, innovative outdoor furniture and fire pits with style comfort and value. Our products are developed to fit our customer's needs.


Foremost was established in 1987 in Newark, New Jersey, as a privately-held business importing wood cabinetry and bathroom fixtures. Through careful attention to detail, innovative marketing, practical design, quality manufacturing initiatives, and providing our customers with the best value and service, Foremost has experienced continual and unprecedented growth. As a global company, we have locations worldwide, encompassing more than 8 million square feet of office warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

Since the very beginning, the growth and success of Foremost has been guided by the same set of principles, which are as valued and valid today as they were when we began:


  • To offer our customers the finest value and quality available anywhere

  • To create products that are innovative, attractive, and functional

  • To offer a “single source” for coordinating all product elements within each market

  • To help our customers reduce their costs and increase their profits

  • To provide the best customer service both for our clients and end users

  • To continuously upgrade and update our design, manufacturing, warehouse, and service capabilities to produce the most innovative and timely products

  • To always value the individual; to treat our customers and employees with respect; and base our business relationships on trust, fairness, and honesty


Foremost’s manufacturing and service locations are strategically located throughout the world to enhance and support its global operations. Many of our manufacturing locations were chosen for their proximity to raw materials, human resources, shipping ports and terminals, and to enable Foremost to offer the best economic and strategic advantages to our customers. Additional facilities are located near primary customers to offer maximum responsiveness and service.

     Two main home furniture divisions continue to deliver the highest quality and most efficient service for a wide range of product categories:

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • Indoor Furniture

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